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ATM Express in your business pays off


Receive extra income every month

Install an ATM Express terminal in your shop without any cost or effort. If your shop is in a qualified tourist area, you may receive extra income

Attract more visitors to your shop, get more customers

An ATM Express terminal installed in your shop brings visibility and exposure to your business. Favourable cash withdrawal conditions for foreigners attract thousands of foreign card transactions every day and will expose tourists to your products and services


Want to increase your business’ revenue with ATM Express?

No cost and no hassle for your business

Installation at no cost

The installation of the ATM Express, as well as any other operational costs related to the equipment are at SIBS’ expense

Adaptable to your business

We have all kinds of solutions for installing an ATM Express terminal on the façade or inside the building

No technical concerns for you

Any assistance you need on the ATM Express terminal will be the responsibility of SIBS, as well as the cash provisioning

How to join?

Joining ATM Express is easy. Do it in 3 simple steps




Contact the ATM Express team

Analysis and proposal
SIBS analyses your request and makes a proposal

After formalisation, SIBS will set up the equipment in your shop free of charge


A safe and reliable brand, with SIBS’ quality seal

The ATM Express is a SIBS network of ATMs, the brand that manages the pioneering MULTIBANCO system.

SIBS’ security management and monitoring services (24/7) enable the ATM Express network to be considered one of the most secure in Europe. The terminals are equipped with the most modern physical security systems.


Gas and explosive detection system with audible alarm


Unusability of ink-stained banknotes


State-of-the-art fraud-monitoring systems

Perform everyday operations on an ATM Express terminal

Make payments to the Government, bill payments, mobile phone top-ups or public transport passes as with the MULTIBANCO network, with all the convenience, safety and at no extra cost

  • Allows domestic and foreign cardholders to withdraw cash, with or without the presentation of the conversion rate, accepting the main international card brands: Visa, Visa Electron, VPAY, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, MB, American Express, Eufiserv, Union Pay, Diners Club, Plus, MULTIBANCO and MB WAY

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Any doubts on how the ATM Express terminal works?

Did you know that withdrawing cash with domestic cards at an Express ATM is fee-free? Clarify any doubts about withdrawals, costs, recovering captured cards and much more